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Wholesale policy

Wholesale policy-


We always offer good prices to bulk wholesale buyers, as we have big cutting factories to cut natural gemstones, so we need bulk quantity buyers. We always try to offer best prices to customers. At the same time we know that big orders start from small orders. We all know that if we produce big quantity then our per unit cost will be less as compare to production to small quantity. So here we are offering better prices for big quantity on our website, if customers buy more quantity our per unit cost will reduce as we pass on the savings to customers, which we can made on bigger quantity orders. We also promote big amount orders, as on big amount orders we save on PayPal fees and on big orders we can save on raw materials also, so we pass on the same to our customers. We are offring quantity base discount and cart amount base discount all together. You can understand our wholesale policy as follows-

1. We are offering quantity base discount. As If you buy 2 pieces, then per piece price will be chipper then the price of 1 piece, if you buy 25 pieces, then per piece price will be more chipper then the price of 10 pieces.

Example:- If you buy Amethyst 3 mm round cut 10 pieces price @ 17.5$,means each piece will cost you 1.75$ If you buy 100 pieces of same size of amethyst each piece will cost you 0.80$. 

You can view this discount with every product. We offer this on product page.


2. Also we are offering Volume base discount.( This offer will effect Customer total order value )

  A. 100$ - 500$ Total sale 5% Discount

 b.  500$ -1000$ Total sale 10% Discount

 c.  1000$ - 2000$ Total sale 15% Discount

 d.  2000$- and above Total Sale 20% Discount


you will see this policy at the time of checkout in your cart.